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Moving your Joomla website

Help moving your Joomla CMSNeed your Joomla system moved to another server or folder? Moving your Joomla system is entirely managed by our in-house Joomla experts. Instead of some mysterious automated process, we use real, live, qualified experts who will care for your website as if it were their own.

Included in all of our Managed Joomla plans as standard, we can move your Joomla website and upgrade it so that you have the latest stable version running your business website. We move and migrate all your content, users, extensions and look after any DNS redirections needed.


  • Real, live qualified experts
  • Article and images transferred
  • Joomla extensions moved
  • Database move and rebuild
Moving Joomla Website 
  • System integrity checks
  • Security and Malware review
  • Joomla version review
  • DNS or server changes handled


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