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Joomla Maintenance, Security and Update Service 

  • Upgrades, patches and release updates
  • Keeps your Joomla system running fast
  • Monitored firewall service
  • Active Software Management
  • Protected against malware, injection and attack
  • From €100 per Joomla site
Managed Joomla Service for Joomla websites
Managed Joomla Service for Joomla websites








Managed Joomla

Partner with us through our JoomlaCare Service and we will perform all upgrades, security patches, and maintenance release updates on your Joomla system. Keep your Joomla system super fast - we optimise your database, clear temporary files and clean caches on a regular basis. Be safe and secure - our monitored firewall service tracks all attempts to attack your system and allows us to configure a secure response.

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Update Joomla - Updating Joomla versionsAlmost all modern websites implement a web application, such as the Joomla Content Management System, to manage the website content, collect sales leads, facilitate blogging, host an online shop and other such advanced functionality. One of the huge advantages of Joomla is its constant development. With millions of people in the community using Joomla to run their websites, any weaknesses or bugs are reported quickly and security pataches and maintenance updates are released frequently.

In order to maintain a secure and usable Joomla website, your Joomla software needs to be updated as new releases happen. Our managed Joomla service ensures your system is maintained at the latest stable release, secured against common exploits, and has verified backups in case of disaster recovery.

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