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How to disable hit counting in Joomla 4 and Joomla 5

The hit counter mechanism in Joomla is used to display content by popularity or most viewed via modules or menu links. In most smaller sites, it doesn't pose an issue but on large content sites, because the hit counting feature locks the content table, this can be a problem - especially during heavy traffic periods. If you run a large content site on Joomla and still want to use this feature, we can modify the code to solve this issue and/or offer alternatives solutions. Get in touch

To disable hit counting for Joomla articles and categories, we navigate into the Options area for the articles section. When logged in as an administrator, navigate to Content > Articles and on the Articles page, click the Options button in the top right. On the Options page, in teh first tab named Articles scroll down to find the Record Hits toggle and switch it to off.

Congratulations! You have just disabled the counter mechanism that tracks hits in Joomla 4. 

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Joomla 4 update not showing? Here's how to fix

Recently we have been upgrading and migrating lots of Joomla 3 websites over to Joomla 4 and from time to time, the Joomla Update screen does not show the Joomla 4 upgrade information. In most cases, this is because the Joomla 3 Update Channel is set to the Default Channel. To check and change this, while you are on the Joomla Update screen, press the Options button in the top right hand corner and see what Update Channel you are on. To see Joomla 4, this needs to be set to the Joomla Next Update Channel. 

However, in some instances we have found that even with that setting correct - the Joomla 4 update does now show. 

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