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[Fixed] Virtuemart 4 Custom Field Labels not displayed despite having show labels set to Yes

Custom Fields Show Labels set to Yes Custom Fields Show Labels set to Yes

Recently we had a client project where we used Virtuemart 4 Custom Fields extensively for product attributes along with CSV Improved for product data import. Despite haaving the Custom Field setup for Show Labels set to yes, we would find that the labels were not showing up after importing new data. To solve this we accessed the database directly to find the setting which controls the visibility of the labels in for the custom field dropdowns we see on the single product page for Virtuemart.  

If we view the database table #__virtuemart_product_customfields we can see the field customfield_params contains a boolean variable showlabels=0 which we we need to switch to showlabels=1 for teh labels to appear on the frontend single product page again. If you have many records to update you could do this with a query, or manually if you have only a few to update. Remember to always have backups before running queries directly on your database or better yet, create a development or staging version to test your work on before deploying to a production environment. 

Updating VM4 field to show labels in custom fields

In this case we had just a few to change so we manually updated the variable to showlabel=1 and the resulting labels then showed as expected on the front end. 

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Last modified onWednesday, 17 July 2024 10:34

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