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Joomla 4 Migration

From $2000 USD

  • Lightning fast straight out of the box
  • Superior on-page SEO control
  • Joomla 4 is the most flexible version yet!
  • Documentation & Video Training available for free

Superior SEO

Leverage your most important marketing advantage.

Training Videos

Access to high quality video course for you and your staff.

Most Flexible Version

Grows and scales with your business.

Active Community

With over 6,500 verified extensions & designs available

Joomla 4 Migration and Upgrade Help

Complete control over
your web presence

Are you happy with your web presence? With the new Joomla 4 we provide you with a Superior Web Presence 100% managed for maximum effectiveness online. 

Joomla 4 Update Features

What Makes Joomla 4
Your Best Choice?

Joomla 4 Upgrade Speed

Lightning fast straight out of the box.

Scoring in the 95th percentile on Google page speed, Yslow and Gtmetrix straight out of the box, Joomla 4 features the fastest codebase yet.

Optimized for Google Search

Superior on-page SEO control and with custom schema supported. Get best placed in search with Joomla 4.

Migrate to Joomla 4 and see massive SEO benefits
Joomla 4 Upgrade Experts

Massively Flexible

Over 6,500 verified extensions and a massive active community of developers.

Joomla 4 Specifications

Pure. Professional. Performance.
8.0 Recommended
7.2.5 Minimum
5.6 or Higher recommended
5.6 Minimum
11.0 or Higher Recommended
7.2.5 Minimum
2.4 or Higher recommended
2.4 Minimum
1.1.8 or Higher Recommended
1.1.0 Minimum
Microsoft IIS
10 or Higher recommended
8 Minimum

Ratings and Reviews

Capterra Rating overview [?].
5 Star (216)90%
4 Star (180)75%
3 Star (86)27%
2 Star (21)4%
1 Star (6)1%
Feature ratings
Platform & Infrastructure85%
Content Creation & Management80%
Availability of Extensions75%
We used Joomla! to make our website. It was so easy. There are a lot of new features in the new Joomla! 4 that we needed, workflows, and the very high accessibility standards so that our site can be viewed by all.
Joomla is a complete CMS that has default features that work as promised without external plugins. Unlike Wordpress, Joomla can be kept lean with a minimum of extensions reducing security risks.
Joomla is easy to manage content online and solves everything without programming. After our Joomla! 4 upgrade we noticed the increase in speed and Google rankings immediately.
Joomla! has been around for decades, and the reason for such popularity and continued use is that it is easy-to-use and manage, it is open source and has a huge and active community that maintains it.

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